About Phoenix Mountain Creations

Phoenix Mountain Creations was started in 2010 by Amy Bumgardner. I was born and raised in Watauga county and have lived in West Jefferson most of my adult life. My husband, our two boys, and I live at the base of Phoenix Mountain. The view of the mountains around us is ever changing and inspirational.

Growing up, my mother encouraged our creativity. She was a vocations teacher who taught many different hands on lesson plans. I loved helping her set up ceramic and woodworking units for her students. Weekends during her ceramics unit, we would go in and fire the kiln and I’d have the opportunity to throw a piece of my own or make a coil pot. Anything hands on caught my attention. I planned on being an architect when I graduated from high school. You can see this in many of my designs. Life changed and I started college several years later while raising a young child and working full time at my dad's land surveying business. I decided the smart decision would be a business degree and an office job. It was sufficient.

In 2010, I realized I needed to do something creative, even if it was just a hobby so I made a list of everything I was slightly interested in. I searched the internet for work-from-home ideas. Making jewelry was one of those ideas and I was instantly intrigued. My first tool was a hammer my husband made in college and it was the best gift I could have ever imagined. The first piece of metal I hammered with it, I knew that was the direction I was headed.

A few years later, with my husband’s support and encouragement, I left my business job to focus on Phoenix Mountain Creations. It was the best decision of my life. I finally found my passion.

My favorite material is argentium silver. It’s an alloy similar to sterling silver but a small amount of the copper is replaced with germanium to help slow the tarnishing process. The silver is recycled coming from traceable sources and manufactured in the USA. 

Read more about our processes and see a few more behind the scenes photos here.