Gold Filled Bar Double Hoop Earrings

Phoenix Mountain Creations

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Gold Filled Bar Double Hoop Earrings
Handmade hoop earrings for two side by side ear piercings. This unisex style is suitable for double pierced lobes. Each hoop is made using standard 20 gauge wire in 14/20 yellow gold filled. A 5x1.5 mm bar is soldered onto one end. The wire is then wrapped to create two consecutive hoops. Ends are filed smooth and rounded for comfort and safety. To ensure durability, the hoops are tumbled for hours. Tumbling also adds a beautiful shine. Finally, the earrings are cleaned and packaged.

Bar is 5x1.5 mm, hoop diameter is 1/2" (13 mm), and the space between piercings is 1/4" (6-7mm). 

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