Double Piercing Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings Set

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Double Piercing Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings Set
Double Piercing Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings Set
Double Piercing Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings Set
Double Piercing Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings Set
Double Piercing Sterling Silver Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings Set

Made to order: 5-7 business days before shipping - Model photo shows the three hole option, also available in my shop

Handmade hoop earrings for two side by side ear piercings. This unisex style is suitable for double pierced lobes. Each hoop is made using standard 20 gauge wire in .925 sterling silver. A commercially cast 6.9 mm cherry blossom flower is soldered onto one end. The wire is then wrapped to create two consecutive hoops. Ends are filed smooth and rounded for comfort and safety. To ensure durability, the hoops are tumbled for hours. Tumbling also adds a beautiful shine. Finally, the earrings are cleaned and packaged.

Flower is 6.9 mm, hoop diameter is 3/8" (9-10 mm), and the space between piercings is 1/4" (6-7mm). All sizes are approximate since these are handmade to order. Sizes can be customized. If you need a different spacing or a smaller diameter, leave detailed measurements in the "note to seller" box at checkout. Larger diameter hoops or thicker gauges are available for an additional fee. Please contact us for a custom quote.

This listing is for a pair, one for each ear.

Each order is packaged in a 100% recycled gift box, made in the USA, stamped with our logo, and shipped in a small cardboard box, also made in the USA. Tissue paper is used to pad the box and is 100% recycled. Please reuse or recycle as much as possible.

How in the world do these work? When your hoops arrive, they are on the card for the appropriate side. When looking at the card, the hoop on the left is for the left ear and the hoop on the right is for the right ear. Spiral the hoop off of the card. Imagine these are piercings and the process is similar for your ears. Even though we clean all jewelry before mailing, you may want to use a gentle hand soap to wash your earrings and your hands before proceeding. Place the end of the hoop through the lower piercing and spiral, or roll, the hoop around so the end comes back around to the front. The end will then go through the front of the second piercing. Continue to roll the hoop through each piercing until the flower back is flat against the earlobe at the lower piercing. A mirror makes this process much easier. It may be awkward the first few times but will get easier with practice.

Need additional help? Feel free to contact us or check out our how-to video here:

Some things to consider: the double and triple hoops may take a few days for your ears to adjust to. These are fairly rigid and need to be spaced appropriately for your piercings to be comfortable. Some people find wearing them for a few hours, removing them and allowing the ears to rest overnight then repeating this process for a few days allows your piercings to adjust to this style. **Please do not follow this process with new piercings. New piercings can heal over quickly so leaving them empty overnight may cause issues.**

As with any jewelry, remove if discomfort occurs.

Every piece of jewelry in our shop is handmade by owner/artist, Amy Bumgardner, in her small workshop in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Quality materials and processes are used. Amy continually researches and learns new processes and techniques to bring you the best jewelry possible. Have a custom idea in mind? Contact us for a custom piece! While we won't recreate someone else's work, we can create something special for you!

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