1/2" Double Hoop Earrings in Argentium Sterling Silver with 5 mm Bar

Made to order: 5-7 business days before shipping

Beautiful hoop earrings for 2 side by side ear piercings. This is my most popular style and one of my favorites! They are handmade using 20 gauge argentium sterling silver wire which is produced using only recycled silver. One end has a petite 5 mm x 1.5 mm bar. The hoop is 1/2" and threads through both piercings, leaving the bar in front of the lower piercing. You will receive a pair, one for each ear.

1/2" is equivalent to 12-13 mm. Please refer to the photos for a size reference. My piercings are higher than the model ear so the sizing appears different but the earrings in each photo are the same. If you have small ears and/or lower piercings, you will have a noticeable gap between the inside of the hoop and the bottom of your ear lobe. For any questions regarding size, please contact me before ordering.

Details at a glance
>Comfortable 20 gauge argentium sterling silver wire (93.5% silver, 5.5% copper, 1% germanium to slow the tarnishing process)
>Hoop is approximately 1/2" diameter
>Spaced 1/4" apart (distance between piercings)
>Bar is approximately 5 mm x 1.5 mm
>Two hoops (a pair, one for each ear) for 2 side-by-side ear piercings


$ 32.00

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