Fall Display

The Festival of the Frescoes was such a wonderful event. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the friendly faces of our customers and other vendors who we've come to know over the past few years. 

Our booth was so fallish and festive we just have to share the photos with those who couldn't make it. Phoenix Mountain Creations shared the booth with Barn Quilts by Shirley Shaw, Amy's mother, and it added to the festive fall vibe. 

Jewelry booth setup for fall art show. Craft show booth for handmade jewelry

Brilliant orange mum at handmade jewelry craft booth

Handmade jewelry craft display. Set show boith

Booth at craft show. Festival booth for handmade jewelry and barn quilts

Handmade jewelry display cases for hanging earring cards

Vertical barn quilts display for craft festival

 This was our last festival until next year. Look for announcements in Spring 2020 to see where we'll be next year. Until then, we'd love for you to stay and browse our site. It's the perfect time to start Christmas shopping!

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